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Crisp Foods Industry, Pakistan is a well know Confectionery Company that offers its clients and consumers new, innovative and the best quality products. It was established in 1986 and since then Crisp Foods Industry has been identified for its distinctive range of products including chocolates, bubble gums, candies, toffees etc. This wide range of products is available in Pakistan and has also gained recognition in the international export market and is fast gaining popularity in Europe, America, Africa and many far Eastern countries.


Our Products

KidsZee Bar
KidsZee Candies
KidsZee Lollipops
KidsZee More
KidsZee Toffies
SweetValley Candies
SweetValley Lollipops
SweetValley More
Fresh Peanuts
Chooran Chatni Candy
4U Ever Candy
Khopra Candy
Amrood Candy
Funti Candy
Green Apple Candy
Blue Berry Candy
Strawberry Candy
Pan Maza Candy
Mint O Candy
Twins Candy
Glass Mix Fruit Candy
Three Masti Lallipop
Fun Pop Lollypop
P-Nut Bite Chocolate
Sweet Heart
Jelly Lolly Lollipop
Makhan Badami Toffee
Thanda Lemoo Juice
Tango Juice (Orange)
Tango Juice (Mango)
Mango Candy
Tasty Peanut
Mix Limco
Double Dhamaka
Three Mazah
Choco Nuts
Seasame Crispy Bar
Peanut Crispy Bar
Chickee Krunchy Bar Rs5
Peanut Crispy Bar
Chickee Krunchy Bar Rs2
County Bar Coconut Chocolate
Coconut Bar
Milky Mango Bar
Milky Strawberry Bar
Milky Banana Bar
Majic Pop Lollypop
Seekh Kabab Lollipop
Kidz-Pops Loly Pops
Popy Pops Loly Pops
Makhan Badami Toffee
Kidz Toffee Box
2 in 1 Candy
Funtola Candy
Funtola Candy (Butter)
Funtola Candy (Coconut)
Funtola Candy (Blueberry)
Funtola Candy (Strawberry)
Funtola Candy (Falsa)
Funtola Candy (Ice Mint)
Funtola Candy (Lemon)
Funtola Candy (Apple)
Funtola Candy (Orange)
Amrood Candy
Limca Candy
Aam Mazah Candy
Strawberrry Candy
Orange Candy

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